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What is RAM ? Types of RAM | 5 Best Uses Importance of RAM

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If you do not know about What is Ram ? then RAM or Random Access Memory is the temporary memory of a computer. Data inputted from any other input device of the keyboard is stored in RAM before processing and is retrieved from there as required by the CPU.

Data or programs are stored temporarily in RAM, the data stored in RAM gets erased when the computer is shut down or power is interrupted, hence RAM is also called volatile or temporary memory.

What is RAM ?

In this, the data and instructions of the work currently being done by the CPU are stored. The more RAM is in your computer, the more programs will be able to run in your computer easily. If RAM is low then your computer or device will run very slowly and there is also a possibility of a hang.

If we talk about Mobile RAM, then you will find that RAM in Mobile Phone works differently than a computer. Whenever you open an application in a Smartphone, the app is first loaded in RAM and then executed. In this way, you will see that the app you use recently stays in RAM.

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory

Uses or Importance of RAM

Ram is a special part of CPU.
A computer cannot do its work without RAM.
RAM is the primary memory of a computer.
RAM is expensive and separate from storage.
With the help of Ram, we can randomly access the available data.
Ram exchanges data very fast.

Friends also know about the functions of RAM. RAM functions exactly the same as any memory. It performs the task of storing data of what is currently being done by the CPU.

Types of RAM





The full form of SRAM or its full name is Static Random Access Memory. In this, “Static” means that the data in this RAM remains constant, so that there is no need to refresh the computer again and again.

The reason behind where this RAM also goes to Volatile Memory is that until Power On, the data remains in it and all the data is automatically deleted as soon as Power Off, it is also used like Cache Memory.


The full form or full name of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory. In this, the meaning of “Dynamic” is movable, which means always changing. This is why this RAM needs to be refreshed repeatedly so that data can be stored in this memory.

The best example of this type of memory is DDR3 RAM.

DRAM is often used as the CPU’s main memory. The main reason for this is the data received from it, which is easily received at regular intervals and new data is also stored automatically. This makes the CPU work faster without interruption.


RAM is a memory through which you can run your phone and computer easily. It also gets rid of problems like device hangs

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